“I came to Pure with design ideas that I wanted to test and challenge leading my fine jewelry brand to develop its first collection.  I trusted Pure to have a deft and light touch during the design process of 3D modelling.  I am thrilled with the end results; the Pure team has been invaluable.  Their work took me through design development, prototyping, and sample execution.  Pure’s services provided a form of checks and balances during the design testing. With Pure, there is engaged reciprocity. They allowed me to experiment with the latest technologies in 3D printing, which was critical for the language I am exploring in the design.  And at the final stretch, they carried through with the last challenges in the production of the first samples.  As a designer it is challenging to relinquish control.  However, one cannot work in a bubble or alone when developing not only a new jewelry collection but a new business.   The work Pure provides has been essential.  There is ease in the process.  There is an openness to challenges.  Communication is transparent and fluid.  Their recommendations have been so welcome.  Their project management is efficient.  Most importantly, I truly value the team’s sensitivity to understand the design ethos.  It is such a pleasure to have them as a part of my team.”

Rachel Weld

“As a new designer, I spent countless hours (and unfortunately, dollars) trying to navigate through different companies in the Diamond District of NYC. Everyone I used just wasn’t quite there. I found that I was starting to sacrifice my vision because it ‘couldn’t be done’. I found Pure CAD through a friend, and in my first meeting with Cris, I felt like she totally understood EXACTLY what I had been trying to tell other CAD designers. Since then, a HUGE pressure and weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Instead of stressing and worrying about what the casting will look like (and how I’d have to pay for something I didn’t love) I know that Cris and Charlie will always deliver exactly what was in my head to begin with. On top of that, Cris has helped me navigate some of the designs that I couldn’t quite articulate. It helps to talk through dreams of designs with someone who understands the mechanics of it all and can get it perfectly right. I’m a teeny business. There’s no investor. No trust fund. No endless time and money supply. These results Pure delivers mean everything to someone like me. It’s the difference of how I get to price out my jewelry, share it with others and feel GOOD about the whole process! For me, that’s what it’s all about.”

Elizabeth Potts

“As a jeweler, I was looking for other ways to explore making new designs. Through a friend’s recommendation, I found Pure CAD and Cris. My goal was to see how my designs would be rendered digitally and if I would like them. In the end you want to create a piece that speaks true to your design aesthetic no matter the process of how the piece is made. To have a team that helps you reach that goal while helping you stay true to your vision, is a perfect match. Anyone will love working with the Pure team.”

Selina King

“I hired Pure CAD to help me bring my designs and drawings to life. Cristina is excellent at understanding my designs and the tiny details necessary to make unique pieces. My clients love to see the CAD proofs before they move forward with their designs on bespoke projects. This is an important part of my brand and design experience. When clients come to me for a custom design they are looking to be included in every step of the process. Working with Pure allows me to elevate the design experience I deliver to them and make them feel that their project is 100% unique and one of a kind.”

Ashley Zhang

“Livewell was looking to create a consistent and predictable high level of quality across our entire collection.  Livewell’s designs are bespoke and we needed a partner who could help us scale. By working with Pure Cad, we now have a clear end-to-end understanding of our design and manufacturing process.  We start with an idea for a new piece, work with Pure on design development, and then we move immediately into how this piece fits into our overall collection exploring price, efficiencies and new markets. Pure has given us the tools and confidence to proactively develop and scale our business.”

Claire O’Hare

“Having many ideas for designs, but limited formal training in the technical creation, Pure CAD helped and advised me on the best way to execute my ideas. They delivered beautiful, high-quality work that made my dream designs a reality. Pure has a high taste level and understands that small details have a large impact on the overall look and feel of the designs. They understood my very specific artistic vision, and delivered on the small details, like the softness of a curve, or an extra millimeter of thickness, things that make a big difference in the feeling I’m trying to convey with my jewelry.”

Heather Clark

“We hired Pure CAD to help us become more efficient with our design and product development. The results were extraordinary as Pure over delivered a perfect product ahead of schedule. The results Pure delivers are important to me because they allow me to focus on what I do best and trust that the rest will be taken care of. Pure is a game changer!”

Paige Novick

“I had been working on designing my collections for a long time. I needed a partner to help me create a production pipeline. Pure CAD was there every step of the way. They enabled me to make my dream a reality! Not only did they help me create a workflow for production, but they also helped me create beautiful collections for which I am constantly receiving compliments on my work. They are not just nice people; they are patient and good listeners as well. They truly take care of their customers. Thank you so much, Pure!”

Jih Ha

“I gave Pure CAD the task to transfer my ideas into 3D models and asked them to follow up with my contractors and casting house. The team at Pure quickly understood the soul of the collection and rapidly started the 3D designs. In little time they were in strait communication with my vendors and sources. They all said it was easy and smooth to work with Pure CAD. Not only did I gained time to do more research and design but I also got a final product with the same accuracy and attention to details that I would have given to it myself. The jewelry was produced with high quality standards, and it never lost my DNA or identity – even when having it produced and 3D developed by another company.”

Mary Esses

“Pure helped me define my designs, sketches, and vision and turn it into practical designs to cast molds with. In addition, Pure served as a great guide to navigate the industry… I was new to the industry and had so much to learn.
In Pure, I found more than a design company, I found a partner willing to make introductions and recommendations, someone, with an impeccable eye for details, who was incredibly fast at responding to questions and feedback.
It is especially important for me to work with people I enjoy and that’s a huge benefit of Pure. Cris, Charlie, and the team are a delight. Additionally, they save me so much time by getting projects right the first time.”

New York Designer